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On a surface level, Run. Namaste. Eat is a running, yoga & plant based nutrition business grown from our unique, combined knowledge and experience.  An approachable, no nonsense approach to lifestyle, athletic performance, yoga and nutrition. A home for the love of trail running

However we want it to be much more than that.  From the beginning Run.Namaste.Eat has grown (and will continue to grow) as a socially conscious enterprise that will give back to the community and run as sustainably as possible.  As people we are very concerned with the welfare of the planet & the people who inhabit it.  Our aim is to empower people to be kinder to each other and themselves. To be the best version of themselves by being truly connected to their own bodies, and the space that they inhabit. 

So take a look!  

Any questions use the form to send us an email - we'd love to hear from you!

 And we hope to see you on the trails sometime soon,


Big love,

Rach and Tom xx