Rach & Tom



Lifelong runner and lover of all things running. I've progressed from the track, through road marathons and now am elite ultra trail runner. A former Chemical engineer, a former sports agent and now, in my spare time, I work as an elite marathon pacer. I love the transformational nature of running and using my knowledge and experience to empower people of all abilities to their very best.

– 2 x GB ultra trail athlete.
– 2.17.29 marathon runner.
– England International road runner (10km to 100km).
– 2016 British V35 10km Champion.
– Former UK inter county 3000m steeplechase and 5000m Champion.
– British Athletics affiliated coach



Exercise and respiratory physiologist, Yogi & unlikely adventurer. Usually found drinking coffee, eating plants and giving hugs & high fives. Equal measures of kindness & silliness.

Left foot, Right foot, Smile, Repeat - my mantra, developed in the sweaty palmed moments before my first ultra marathon works just as well for life as it does in racing. One of my greatest drives is in helping each person (regardless of skill or background) to explore their best through physical activity, movement and mindfulness. I consider this a powerful vehicle to social change and personal development.

I love being in nature. The sound of footsteps and breath, the feeling of pushing the body - of being alive. And the space. Running – like any other thing which consistently brings you joy – is part of my daily life. Yoga is central within my life too, having practiced for nearly 15 years. I am deeply passionate about teaching yoga in a way that enables and facilitates an individual to really explore their own practice.

- UTMB finisher

- 200hr registered yoga teacher

-BAppSci (Human Movement Studies)


Run Namaste Eat - the story so far.

A series of fortunate mishaps led both to be in the same city at the same time at the same running event. Tom tried to catch Rach’s attention by winning as many races as possible. Eventually he won a trip to Brazil and - on their first date - asked her to go with him (a little forward perhaps but it worked!). A year later - in 2016 we left our london lives, sold or gave away almost all of our possessions and bought an old second hand beetle.  We drove to the alps to follow our dream.  This was the beginning of Run Namaste Eat. The process has always been one of gut feelings, love and a hunger for learning new things.  Everything about Run Namaste Eat is true to us and the lives we have created. 

From the very beginning, Run Namaste Eat has grown (and will continue to grow) as a socially conscious enterprise - giving back to the community and running as sustainably as possible.  As individuals, we are very concerned with the welfare of the planet & the people who inhabit it.  We work with companies that support these values with intelligence, forward thinking and kindness at heart. If you’d like to talk to us about working together we’d love to hear from you xx