Things to eat & recipes to nourish...



Before going to bed place into your slow cooker

1 cup oats, 3.5 cups of non dairy milk or water (still good but less creamy and delicious), 1 teaspoon each of turmeric and cinnamon & 1 grated red apple.

place on low heat.  Sweet dreams!

When you are ready to eat - spoon out creamy, golden bowl-fulls.  Now tom is a breakfast man and he likes a little fancy topping.  You can do the same with your favourite bits like nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, maple syrup or nut butter.

This makes a pretty big portion which is a great idea for snacking on later in the day - post second training perhaps or even had cold the next morning. 

I hope you enjoy xxxx



Step 1.  Chop up:
1 red onion (put it in the fridge & then you don’t cry when peeling & chopping)

1 garlic clove 

2 peppers 

1 courgette

Step 2.  Fry up
The onion & garlic in some oil.  Add the peppers & courgette with some salt & spices. (I used paprika, pepper & cumin)

Step 3.  Add
A tin of tomatoes & a tin of kidney beans (drain & rinse first)

Turn up the heat & let it bubble for another 5-10 minute.

If you’ve got some coriander (or basil and a squeeze of lime) throw that on top. 

Step 4.  Eat! 
You might like this..
                  *on its own or in a big cozy bowl with some avocado sliced on top( my favourite). 
                  *Or if you are feeling extra hungry & or fancy - served alongside some crusty bread or a bowl of brown rice, sweet potato or cauliflower rice.

💛  Whatever. Enjoy!