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Every program starts WITh a blank PIECE of paper...

At Run.Namaste.Eat coaching, we work together to create bespoke training plans combining Tom's 25+ years experience as a runner and 5+ years as a British Athletics registered coach and Rachel's experience as an exercise physiologist, yoga teacher and ultra runner.

We put together a totally individualised training plan for every person we coach. This would start by talking through previous experience, aims, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes (i.e hate hills, love track), what time you have for training and anything else we feel is relevant.

All plans are fully customised.  No two training plans are the same.  Your training plan will be designed with your specific requirements and targets in mind.  We have experience coaching athletes to road 10km, 1/2 marathon & marathon, mountain ultra trail & 100 mile trail.

Coaching option 1: Customisation, adaptation, support. £20/week:  Take the guess work out of reaching your goals!  Your training schedule will be sent through in two week blocks.  Regular email correspondence to answer any questions you have & monitor how training is going - so if anything needs changing we can alter accordingly.  Weekly video or voice calls also mean that the plan is fully adaptable to changes in your schedule or anything else!  We are on hand throughout to support you in reaching your target! 

Coaching option 2: £10/week: Still fully customised and unique to your specific training needs and targets.  This training plan will be designed by us and sent to you in one month blocks.  You will receive a monthly review via video or voice call where we can make changes to the next block of training.





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