our philosophy

Run Namaste Eat is a product of the unique, combined knowledge and experience of husband and wife team Rachel and Tom Bonn Payn. 

We started out in 2016 when we left our london lives, sold or gave away almost all of our possessions and bought an old second hand beetle.  We drove to the alps to follow our dream.  Since then, the process has been organic and authentic.  Everything about Run Namaste Eat is true to us and the lives we have created.  All the photos you'll see on this sight are our own - taken with a normal camera phone -usually while out running.... 

From the very beginning, Run.Namaste.Eat has grown (and will continue to grow) as a socially conscious enterprise - giving back to the community and running as sustainably as possible.  As individuals, we are very concerned with the welfare of the planet & the people who inhabit it.