Believe in yourself.

Train hard, be consistent, recover well.

Run with a smile.  Live with joy.

The key's to your best athletic performance - we believe - lie in the above 3 lines.   If you want a coach who will push you - to a near sighted finish line with aggresive techniques, ignoring longevity and enjoyment.  We'll stop you there.  We are not the coaches for you.  

Still here?  Great! You are reading this because you have made a decision to achieve your personal best.  You are not satisfied with the mediocre.  Ordinary is not for you.

You have decided to do something that will empower yourself and others and create a life for yourself that is rewarding and fulfilling.  Thats pretty awesome.

You can achieve the things you dream because you love running and because you have committed to trying your best.  We are here to help you along the way. 

Our job as coaches  - as well as providing advice about structured, science and experienced based sessions, is to help you to enjoy the process of training, improving and pushing yourself. 

We really are a team where experience meets science and we want to help you to achieve your best.  We put together a totally individualised training plan for every person we coach. We have experience coaching athletes to road 10km, 1/2 marathon & marathon, mountain ultra trail & 100 mile trail.

No two training plans are the same and will be designed with your specific requirements and targets in mind.  Every program starts with a blank piece of paper...




At Run Namaste Eat, we work together to create bespoke training plans.  Our unique expertise combines Tom's 25+ years experience as a top level runner  and 5+ years as a British Athletics registered coach along with 5 years working closely with elite athletes as a manager - most notably in Kenya & Rachel's experience as an exercise physiologist, yoga teacher and ultra runner. 


We have two coaching plans. Take a look at the options  & get in touch.  We'd love to discuss your training goals with you