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About us


it all started.... 

Rewind 12 months.  London life, long (run) commutes, Starbucks, pret-a-manger, and an uncomfortable relationship with mouldy walls & south-west trains.  Sound familiar?  Don’t get me wrong. We were happy until one day after a post long run pint or two Tom had to audacity to say this:

“What if we stopped dreaming about things and just went and made them happen”

Obviously I laughed at him and ordered another pint.  Nope he was serious. So I asked my dad (the most pragmatic man I know & most unlikely to advocate such a harebrained plan) for advice.  I never will forget his response.

“While we are happy now – had we have taken the opportunity to do something not according to the script we are all encouraged to follow we may have been more fulfilled in following ‘our’ dream.  It may have been tough, may not have worked out but at least we wouldn’t have any regrets we would have challenged ourselves and any way what’s the worst that could happen?  I can’t say go for it but don’t sell yourself short.  It is better to fulfil your dream rather than for the dream of someone else.”

So that was that.  Within 2 months we had quit our jobs, bought a second hand little yellow beetle that we packed (and when I say packed I mean the cannot see each other, feet on the dashboard, jump on the boot to close it kind of packed!) with all of our possessions & drove to the Alps.

So far our travels have seen us living in Italy, Andorra, France, (travelling for races in Brazil and Australia), Kenya & Spain.

We hope you enjoy our tales xx


Who we are


Left foot. Right foot. Smile. Repeat.

Exercise and respiratory physiologist.  Yogi. Adventurer.   Usually found drinking coffee, eating plants and giving hugs & high fives.

I run ultra marathons.  This is my play time.  Don’t dare call it training.

Stretched and strengthened by yoga.

Nourished and energised by plants.

I’m on a journey.  This is my travel diary.  Destination un-known.

Sometimes life has roads rockier and mountains steeper than any trail.  That happened to me and then i found running.  Or maybe it found me?  Regardless it gave me space.  And held up a mirror so i could see the strength already within me.  That was 5 years ago.  Now running – like any other thing which consistently brings you joy – is part of my daily life.  An ablution of sorts i suppose.  But far more entertaining than teeth brushing.  Also i don’t like catching the tube – so that helps!

I have a lot to learn and i’m very consistently getting things wrong.   So you might want to come on the ride with me – or it might just be fun for me to read back when i’m old – Either way this is happening – but not now. Now i’m going for a run…..

Big Love,

Rach xxx

Tom (Kiprop)

A former Chemical engineer, a former sports agent now an aspiring trail dog…. I’ve been running all my life but only recently found the trails and the mountains. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for myself and Rachel and enjoy every step. I guess I’m just trying to make the most of this journey we call life, after all we only get to do it once!

– GB ultra trail athlete.
– 2.17.29 marathon runner.
– England International road runner (10km to 100km).
– 2016 British V35 10km Champion.
– Former UK inter county 3000m steeplechase and 5000m Champion.

– British Athletics affiliated coach